Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finnish Clothing Retailers Support Clean Clothes Coalition Campaign on Sandblasting

In my previous post regarding sandblasted jeans, I mentioned there some of the clothing companies that provide support on abolishing sandblasting techniques. The last apparel manufacturer to announce their support on the said campaign of Clean Clothes Coalition was Versace.

Five months after the famous Italian clothing brand Versace supported the movement of CCC that aims to improve the work conditions in textile industry by ensuring the health safety of every worker, clothing retailers and sellers in Finland likewise stop importing jeans that underwent sandblasting process. According to the recent survey released by Finnwatch, 22 out of 24 apparel shops respondents of survey claimed that they are no longer buying sandblasted jeans.

Rising concerns over sandblasted jeans came out when a group of researchers found the hazards brought by sandblasting to the health of workers in textile industry. Studies revealed that the process could cause severe damage to the lungs and lead to silicosis.

By the way, below are some of the denim jeans for ladies that do not undergo sandblasting method and are surely safe to wear.

Source: Finnish clothing retailers say 'No' to sandblasted jeans | Amazon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barbie Tattoos: A Fashion Fun or Bad Influence?

Barbie has always been an amazing role model for young girls. But when Italian-based, Japanese inspired brand Tokidoki unveils its latest collection of Barbie dolls it leads to a big controversy, especially to conservative parents. The new doll collection of Tokidoki is a Barbie that sports a pink bob-style hair,  heart-and-crossbones off-shoulder black shirt, leopard-printed leggings, a dog named Balladrino, and tattoos across her left arm, neck, and chest. 

Does Barbie's new reinvention create a harmless fashion fun or a bad influence to young girls?
A Barbie that gets inked is not the only controversial doll collection of Tokidoki brand. In 1999, Butterfly Art Barbie was introduced but quickly withdrawn from stores after parents complained and ten years after (2009) the company once again released the Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie, a doll with removable sticker tattoos that some people found a tittersome use for. 

By the way, for conservative barbie doll collectors out there, here are some of cheap barbie dolls I found on amazon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Fall/Winter Fashion: What's Trendy for this Season?

The biannual fashion show in Manhattan New York has just ended and now fashionistas like me already have an idea what are the trendy styles for 2012 Spring/Summer. But before we get so excited on the new trends for the next seasons, let’s take a look first the best styles of dress to wear for this year’s fall/winter season. In less than a week, we will welcome fall season and it is good if we already updated our wardrobe as early as now.

Want some ideas on what colors of dress to include in your closet for this season? Check this out.

If there’s a type of color that designers never get tired of using, they are the ones that come in neutral hues. Black is said to be the best neutral color for all seasons and no one can look bad by wearing black. It is also a perfect pick if you want to appear slim, elegant, and chic. But for people who are not used to wearing apparel in pure black, other neutral hues like silver, brown, grey, and white are often used to create contrast. These neutral colors also blend well with other hues.

neutral hues unify diverse color palettes and often can stand alone as the only or primary focus of a design
Excluding the neutral colors, the most ideal shades for 2011 fall/winter season are hues that are more subdued. You have plenty of subsued shades to pick provided that they are not as bright or flashy as the colors for spring/summer. Here are some samples of hues ideal for 2011 fall/winter season.

these shades create a bit of drama and luxurious appearance 
these hues radiate the warmth of a glowing fire and add a bold punctuation point
here's another ideal colors that bring a warm, exotic flavor to fall season 
midnight blue is another great color that is always safe to use no matter where you go
this strong, blue-toned green or popularly known as deep teal is also trendy for 2011 fall/winter season
But if you think soft hues are dull, here’s what you can do to add a fashion statement. Add bright accessories! There are so plenty of accessories to use like scarves, bags or hats. Finding for a nice-looking pair of boots can also add glamour to your overall appearance.

Cannot stay away from shiny colors like orange, magenta, yellow, and the likes? Then go for it if you  think they are the shades that make you feel good! But remember some of the rules when wearing sparkling clothing to ensure you will not be out of style.

By the way, here's another collections of apparel that are a fashion hit for 2011 Fall/Winter season.

polka dots
nouveau swirls

leopard printed
maxi or floor-gazing skirts
fur coat

*note: images are taken using google image search engine

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traces of Toxic Chemicals Found on Popular Brands of Apparel

Do you know that because of the different technological innovations, many of the products and services today are bringing harm to the environment? Global warming or climate change is still among the hottest issues when mother earth is concerned.  According to various environmental studies, the rate of warming continues to increase because of the malpractices of the people who are supposedly the prime caretaker of nature.

Just recently, a number of popular US clothing manufacturers were named after their products were traced positive for the toxic chemicals called nonylphenol ethoxylates. The said chemical, which is according to research is used as detergents in industries including the production of natural and synthetic garment, has hormone-disrupting properties that mimic female hormones, alter sexual development, and affects reproductive system of both human and animals. Natural and synthetic textile are among the essential items needed by embroidery digitizers.

Greenpeace International, the group that led the research, identified some of the clothing brands that have great contribution in the discharge of hazardous chemicals into the waterways in China and across the world. Below are some of the some of apparel brands found to be tainted with toxic chemicals.

Adidas - The second-biggest sportwear manufacturer in the world. The company products include sports footwear, bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports- and clothing-related goods.

Abercrombie & Fitch - an American retailer that focuses on casual wear for consumers not just in America but around the globe. Abercrombie & Fitch product collection promises creativity, innovation, and quality.

Polo Ralph Lauren - Founded by Ralph Lauren. The company specializes in luxury casual/semi-formal clothing for men and women as well as accessories, fragrances, home (bedding, towels) and housewares.

Converse - an American shoe company that become famous for its all-time great "Chuck Taylor All Star" style that has served as a symbol of uniqueness and rebellion. The company, which now a subsidiary of Nike, has also a collection of  kids, men and women's wear, bags, and accessories.

Lacoste - Founded by French designer René Lacoste, the company is known for its high-end collections of clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, and most famously tennis shirts. Home line of sheeting and towels are also now included in their products.

Calvin Klein - One of the world's well-known brands when it comes to classic, American style of apparel for men and women. The company likewise produces elegantly chic handbags and footwear as well as high quality perfume, watch and jewelries.

Uniqlo - A Japanese fashion brand that tells uniqueness in clothing. The company produces high quality unisex  casual apparel for men, women, and kids but are offered at low-cost. The clothing designs are mostly simple but non-committal.

Meanwhile, clothing brands like Puma and Nike pledged to eliminate all toxic chemicals from their manufacturing processes by 2020.

The research team purchased 78 brands of clothing from 18 countries around the world and the samples of branded clothing subjected for analysis were mostly made in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Digitizing Software Simplifies Today's Embroidery

Image Source:Venturelli/WireImage
In fashion industry, embroidery is among the common techniques used to design clothing. The use of embroidery to aesthetically improve the appearance of a garment has been around even before computers were invented. By that time, the designs for embroidery were created by hand.

But now, along with new advances in technology, designing for embroidery is made a lot easier and faster. In fact, anyone can create the design they want to be stitched on the base material in just a couple of hours. And how are they able to do that? Well, through the aid of a custom digitizing software.
a sample of design program used in embroidery digitizing
So what is this embroidery software? It is just the same as the other design programs you installed in your computer. It is equipped with multiple lettering, stitch editing and digitizing features that are essential in creating embroidery designs. Through the tools provided in embroidery digitizing software, the user will be able to generate stitch files of logos or texts that will be used for custom embroidery.

Embroidery digitizing software are now widely available in the market and often come in variety of brands. So if you wish to have this graphical interface, make sure you conduct a thorough research first on which type of digitizing software works best for your computer and embroidery machine. It is essential to consider the compatibility of the software program to your embroidery equipment because it can significantly affect the overall quality of the custom embroidered product.

But for those who don’t have enough skills in embroidery digitizing, there are lots of online sites that provide professional and affordable custom digitizing service for all types of embroidery designs. All you have to do is use your internet and explore these online resources.

Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Look Fashionable even when Dressed in Conservative Business Attire

Have you ever experienced working in corporate offices? If yes, for sure you also experienced wearing a specific type of uniform for work. Owners of many elite corporations do require their employees to report in the office wearing a conservative type of business attire instead of their own clothing. For what reason? Well, these elite companies do believe that if the employees are dressed in nice work uniform like formal business attire, it leaves a good first impression from the customers. And because of that established good image or branding, more and more customers will believe on the products and services the company offers.

If requiring the employees to wear a certain work uniform brings a number of advantages to the company, for the employees it has both pros and cons. For some employees who agree to have a work uniform, it let them save money as they don’t need to frequently replace their wardrobe just to be in the latest trend. They too don’t need to spend hours in the morning just to decide which outfits are best for work. But for employees especially the fashionista ones who feel uncomfortable wearing formal business attire as work uniform, they see this as one way of hindering self-expression.  

So if you happened to work in a company whose work uniform is shaped plain and themed one color, here are the two top secrets on how you can make a fashionable appearance. Add add accent to your plain-looking work uniform and choose the right footwear. 

There are so plenty of accessories you can use to make your uniform look even more attractive and fashionable.

Common accessories use by most women are jewelries and bag.

But you can also pair your blazer with scarf in great hues. Wearing of scarf is now also a fashion hit not just for women but also for men. Although wearing of a tie and putting a hankie on the the blazer's upper pocket (for men) is still in.

A belt in solid color can also be a good accent for one color themed work uniform.

Last but not the least, finding the best type of footwear can also make a big impact in your fashion style. Just make sure the footwear you choose goes well with your outfit.

*Note: Images are taken using Google Image search engine

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sandblasted Jeans Named as Killer Jeans

Photo: Courtesy of Levi-Strauss

When it comes to choosing the styles of apparel, I always love and feel more comfortable wearing clothes that come in worn out, used, or faded look. And my primary reason for choosing such style, apart from being cool and unique, is easy maintenance. For example in jeans, when I wear sandblasted or faded look denim trousers I don’t have to bother much in case a dirt stick on it. But little I know the production of sandblasted jeans put the health of the operator at great risk.

A couple of days ago, I read the press release of the popular Italian clothing brand Versace stating that they will now support in the campaign of other denim manufacturers worldwide to ban the practice of sandblasting.
Sandblasting is a technique used mainly in the garments producing countries when designing denim pants. In order to bring a fashionable faded or worn out denim pants, silica sand is used for styling. Sandblasting with silica sand makes a lot of dust and this fine dust, once inhaled, are very dangerous to the lungs as it could cause an acute form of silicosis and then results to death.

Considering the health condition of operators or production workers of fabrics needed for sandblasted jeans, a group of non-governmental organizations and trade unions named Clean Clothes Coalition (CCC) started their campaign to condemn the production of sandblasted jeans. The said campaign aims to improve the work conditions in the textile industry by ensuring that the workers’ health are not compromised.

Before Versace declared their support to stop sandblasting, there are already several famous clothing brands worldwide that joined in the campaign of CCC. To name some of them we have Benetton, Carrera Jeans, Gucci, Levi-Strauss, H&M, Pepe Jeans, and Replay.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Inexpensive Way to Look Fashionable

Image Source:

Having fashionable outfits don’t always mean buying a new one. You can produce trendy clothes out of the outfits you have in your wardrobe. Simply look for apparel that will go together, do a little modification (either by adding some accessories or removing the long sleeves, depending on your desired style) and you can now have something to wear for yourself that is not only unique but in the latest trend.

When trying to mix and match some of your garments, here are some important things to keep in mind in order to come up with a truly fashionable one. These include the colors, the fabrics, the accessories to use, and the perfect footwear to pair for your outfit.

The first thing that people immediately notice about your clothes is on how you choose the colors. Colors can create a big effect on the wearer’s overall personality because they can evoke emotions (good or bad). So make sure you pick a shade that will accurately depict your mood while dressed in those clothes.  Aside from that, you should be able to determine also the perfect colors that will complement to your skin tone, hair, and eyes.

The next thing for you to work on after finding the right color is the fabric. It is important for you to be able to distinguish which type of fabric will flatter your figure. Good for you if you have a voluptuous body because you can wear any type of fabrics. But if you are skinny or chubby, then you have to be more careful in choosing the fabrics or else it will just divulge your unwanted or not so good body features.

Now that you already have identified the right color and type of fabrics, it is time for you to look for the right pair of footwear. When finding for the perfect shoes, aside from selecting a style that will complement to your outfits, look for something that will fit your feet rather than making your feet fit the shoes.

So you are almost completely dressed. And it is now time for you to pick for the right accessories. They are considered the side dishes of your apparel. Accessories can make you look more fashionable (especially you are in plain clothing) or overdressed when inappropriately pick. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pantyhose are Back into Fashion

In today’s fashion, inner garments like pantyhose are already considered as symbol of elegance and style statement. It is proven by famous celebrities wearing their most impressive dress paired with black or nude pantyhose, depending on which will look perfect to their attire. This is one of the delightful lingerie that can make a woman (wearing a simple yet formal dress) look even more delightful and stunning.

Wondering how does pantyhose can make a significant effect on the overall outfit style and appearance of the wearer? Well, this delightful women lingerie help conceal the physical impactions such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair, and varicose veins. Wearing soft and silky pantyhose also display the alluring charm of a woman. This comfortable to wear lingerie, which is available in variety of shades starting from nude to brazen colors, likewise ease chafing between the foot and footwear, or between thighs. And because of this, the wearer’s legs looks even more attractive and sexy.

I have here below some of the famous celebrities today who were captured pairing their outfit with pantyhose and that makes even more captivating. 

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing sheer pantyhose during her North American tour

American sexy Hollywood actress Eliza Dishku stands out in mock seam pantyhose

World's best female tennis player Serena Williams wearing opaque pantyhose during the ESPY Awards

English-American fashion model Mischa Barton looks even more elegant in black pantyhose

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Glimpse at Victorian Era Embroidery

When we speak of Victorian era, it is the period when the England is ruled by Queen Victoria, from June 20, 1983 up to January 22, 1901 (her death). During this period, a great deal of change took place. People began to experience a more peaceful living. Inventions and discoveries were upon the world. During Victorian era different inventions and discoveries were introduced that’s why the period is also called as the Industrial Age. People were also taught about good mannerism and etiquette so you can expect that the men during this time are more gentlemanly while the women are more behave and act with refinement. A big improvement on how people dressed up is also notable during Victorian era.

Custom sewing and home sewing were still significant during Victorian era, slowing declining though. And when the lock-stitch sewing machines were introduced in the mid-century, both home dressmaking and boutique dressmaking were simplified. The availability of more innovative sewing machines likewise makes it easier and faster for embroiderers to incorporate lavish trims, which is for sure time-consuming if done by hand. Lace is the most commonly used material for shirt embroidery during Victorian time.

But aside from lace, there are also other material being used by Victorian embroiderers in improving the aesthetic look of apparels, home decors, etc. For example in Germany, a variety of seeds and chenille are used by embroiderers in order to produce a unique type of needlework. This seed embroidery becomes so famous in Germany during Queen Victoria’s reign. Aside from seeds, some embroiderers of Victorian era also make use of straw in when it comes to decorating home decors and apparel. The application of straw in custom embroidery portrays how resourceful and creative the Victorian embroiderers are.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Nation Free

Today is a time for fireworks and fun
But we shouldn’t forget its reason.
This is one of the most important days
of the entire summer season.
Today’s the day our nation became free
and the date of the country’s birth.
For so many years we have grown to be
one of the best countries on earth.

Poem -
Image -

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting Tidbits about Marrying in the Month of June

June – the month that can be spelled also as marriage!

Many couples out there prefer to wed in the month of June than any other month of the year. For instance in New Jersey, about 15% of couples from the mentioned place exchanged their vows in the month of June. This is revealed from the survey conducted by a certain wedding planning resources in New Jersey about the most popular wedding month.  

Wondering why there are more brides chose to dress in their custom embroidered wedding gown and walk down the aisle in the month of June? Well, maybe because they are just following what used to be a tradition. Some people believed that this particular month is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. For them it is among the reasons why June becomes the perfect time to tie the knot. Another interesting tidbit about marrying in the month of June is it is the ideal time for conception as births would not interfere with the harvest time. Meanwhile, for those who lived during the 15th and 16th centuries, brides prefer to wear wedding gown and veil (comes with beautiful custom embroidery designs) in June because it coincides with their “annual bath.” The so called annual bath happens in the month of May hence, for people saying “I Do” a month after the annual bath is a good idea because they will still smell relatively sweet and fresh.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2012 Olympics: FIFA Banned Iranian Women Football Team

Photo Source for 2012 Olympics Logo:

To participate in the Games of the XXX Olympiad or the 2012 Summer Olympics, which will be held in London, United Kingdom on July 27 to Aug 12, 2012 is one of the dreams that most serious athletes aspire right now.  However, for an athlete to qualify in one of the world’s biggest sports event that happens only once every 4 years is not as easy as most people think since there are a number of things to consider. So lucky are those who have been qualified to join in the said  upcoming sports competition.

To date, the board members of the International Olympic Committee have already released a list of NOCs who have at least one qualified athlete. There are 101 nations, as of June 7, 2011, with at least one athlete who is eligible and already sure to compete in the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Ali Jarekji

But if there are athletes who qualify, there are also some who fail to meet the standards for the 2012 Summer Olympics. One of them is the Iranian’s women football team. And what is the primary reason for their disqualification? It is none other but the specially-designed head and neck covering scarves, which is part of the team’s logo apparel sports uniform.

Based in Iran’s interpretation of Shiite Islamic doctrine, all female individuals are required to conceal their hair, neck, arms, and legs. Women athletes who compete internationally should obey the country’s dress code when making their uniforms. But sad to say, the International Federation of Football Association has also set its regulation for 2012 Summer Olympics and one of them is with regard to wearing of uniforms. In the guidelines, it states that “Players and officials shall not display political, religious, commercial, or personal messages or slogans in any language or form on their playing or team kits.” And the inclusion of headscarves on Iranian women football team is one form of violating the guidelines set by FIFA. According to the news of, an unidentified official also told the press that wearing neck scarves during the game is also prohibited as it could be a cause of choking.

Share Your Opinion:
Is disqualifying Iran’s national women football team from the 2012 Olympics lawful or it is just a form of discrimination?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery Won American Idol Season 10

I Love You This Big Lyrics
Scotty McCreery

I know I'm still young
But, I know how I feel
I might not have too much experience
But, I know when love is real.

By the way my heart starts pounding
When I look into your eyes
I might look a little silly
Standing with my arms stretched open wide.

I love you this big
Eyes have never seen... this big
No-one's ever dreamed... this big
And I'll spend the rest of my life
Explaining what words cannot describe but, I'll try
I love you this big

I'll love you to the moon and back
I'll love you all the time
Deeper than the ocean
And higher than the pines.

Cause girl, you do something to me
Deep down in my heart
I know I look a little crazy
Standing with my arms stretched all apart.

I love you this big
Eyes have never seen... this big
No-one's ever dreamed... this big
And I'll spend the rest of my life
Explaining what words cannot describe but, I'll try
I love you this big

So much bigger than I ever dreamed my heart ever would
I love you this big
And I'd write your name in stars across the sky
If I could, I would

I love you this big
Oh, eyes have never seen... this big
No-one's ever dreamed... this big
And I'll spend the rest of my life
Explaining what words cannot describe but, I'll try
I love you this big

I love you this big
Oh, eyes have never seen... this big
No-one's ever dreamed... this big
And I'll spend the rest of my life
Explaining what words cannot describe but, I'll try
I love you this big

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Make Your Time More Productive?

The economic crisis that began in 2008 is not yet over. This year, a lot of Americans are still unemployed and it is probably enough justification that we are still badly suffering an economic dilemma. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of United Stated recently released its April 2011 survey on employment rates in the United States. From their statistics, it revealed that despite the number of long-term unemployed persons (those who have no job for about 27 weeks and beyond) declined to about 43.4 percent, in April; the number of persons who have no work for the past 5 weeks of April also gets higher, estimating to 242,000.

If people only know how to spend their wisely, I don’t think there will be jobless individuals. There are so many activities they can engage in so as to make their lives more productive at the same time enjoyable. One of them is finding a good hobby.

Learning a new craft or restarting an old one is one of the best options for unemployed person to turn those miserable empty hours into valuable one. They can try digitizing embroidery designs, blogging, painting, or cooking as long as they have the skills. If none, all they need is to think about what interests them most and find some technical or vocational schools that will help enhance their talents or ability.

Another option is getting involved in charity events. There are so many charities out there looking for volunteer workers. And volunteering to them is also one way of spending your time wisely. Isn’t it fulfilling if you know you are the reason for the big smiles of other people?

The abovementioned options are, I must say, beneficial to individuals who are planning to spend their time wisely because these will surely open up new work opportunities for them.