Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Look Fashionable even when Dressed in Conservative Business Attire

Have you ever experienced working in corporate offices? If yes, for sure you also experienced wearing a specific type of uniform for work. Owners of many elite corporations do require their employees to report in the office wearing a conservative type of business attire instead of their own clothing. For what reason? Well, these elite companies do believe that if the employees are dressed in nice work uniform like formal business attire, it leaves a good first impression from the customers. And because of that established good image or branding, more and more customers will believe on the products and services the company offers.

If requiring the employees to wear a certain work uniform brings a number of advantages to the company, for the employees it has both pros and cons. For some employees who agree to have a work uniform, it let them save money as they don’t need to frequently replace their wardrobe just to be in the latest trend. They too don’t need to spend hours in the morning just to decide which outfits are best for work. But for employees especially the fashionista ones who feel uncomfortable wearing formal business attire as work uniform, they see this as one way of hindering self-expression.  

So if you happened to work in a company whose work uniform is shaped plain and themed one color, here are the two top secrets on how you can make a fashionable appearance. Add add accent to your plain-looking work uniform and choose the right footwear. 

There are so plenty of accessories you can use to make your uniform look even more attractive and fashionable.

Common accessories use by most women are jewelries and bag.

But you can also pair your blazer with scarf in great hues. Wearing of scarf is now also a fashion hit not just for women but also for men. Although wearing of a tie and putting a hankie on the the blazer's upper pocket (for men) is still in.

A belt in solid color can also be a good accent for one color themed work uniform.

Last but not the least, finding the best type of footwear can also make a big impact in your fashion style. Just make sure the footwear you choose goes well with your outfit.

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