Monday, December 27, 2010

Custom Embroidered Patches on the Shirts

For sure, most of you have already heard embroidered shirts right? But how about custom embroidered patches on the shirts? If you are not that so familiar with the term, then this post is certainly beneficial to you as it provides lots of information with regard to shirts that are customized using embroidered patches.

Let’s start to know first about embroidery. Embroidery is a process of decorating a material usually fabrics using thread and needle. Beads, sequins, metals strips, pearls, and other precious stones can also be used as decors or embellishments. Based on studies of archaeologists, ancient people already know the fine art of embroidery even before the invention of needle and sewing machine. These primitive men discovered that thread can be used in joining furs to clothe their body. Then they also found out that thread also enables them to attach beads, bones, and stones on the interlaced furs they have just created. And from that, what primitive men are doing is already a simple form of embroidery.

In 1800, shuttle embroidery was discovered which then revolutionized hand embroidery industry and followed by the invention of sewing machine. With the availability of sewing machine in the 19th century, different types of patchworks became popular. As innovations on embroidery industry continues, patchwork embroidery patterns churned out to be more colorful and stylish.

What can custom embroidered patches do on the shirts?

Adds style and covers damages

Corporate Identity

Enhance Branding

Rank Identification

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts for the Persons Close to My Heart

There's only a week to wait before Christmas. Gift giving is one of the traditions that most of us practice. This is one way of sharing the blessings we received throughout the year. And today, I have just finished wrapping the presents for the persons close to my heart. Are you excited also to know what I bought for them? Here they are:

For my mom and dad, who are always busy in their work, I will give them massage and spa gift certificate. After all the hardships and sacrifices they went through just to make me and my siblings good, treating them to a day of relaxation is just right. 

For my grandma, who often bakes cookies for us, I will surprise her with one of the custom embroidered vintage aprons that I accidentally found last week while I am shopping online. 

For my sister, who is always conscious with her looks, I decided to buy her a pretty mirror and comb as well as a lip gloss and blush on      

For my brother, who works as marketing assistant, I bought him a cool necktie.

For my sweet and cute niece, she’s been requesting me for a pink teddy bear stuff toy.

For my lovable and smart nephew, who is a preschooler now, I will give him a school bag with his favorite cartoon character superman.

For my best friend, who cannot live without her camera, I bought her a personalized case for camera.

For the man I faithfully love, who is an avid fan of U2 band just like me, I bought a concert ticket for two so we can watch our favorite band performing live.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Done at Last

Finally, I was able to finish creating my blogger account. This will provide a room for my collective thoughts.