Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Glimpse at Victorian Era Embroidery

When we speak of Victorian era, it is the period when the England is ruled by Queen Victoria, from June 20, 1983 up to January 22, 1901 (her death). During this period, a great deal of change took place. People began to experience a more peaceful living. Inventions and discoveries were upon the world. During Victorian era different inventions and discoveries were introduced that’s why the period is also called as the Industrial Age. People were also taught about good mannerism and etiquette so you can expect that the men during this time are more gentlemanly while the women are more behave and act with refinement. A big improvement on how people dressed up is also notable during Victorian era.

Custom sewing and home sewing were still significant during Victorian era, slowing declining though. And when the lock-stitch sewing machines were introduced in the mid-century, both home dressmaking and boutique dressmaking were simplified. The availability of more innovative sewing machines likewise makes it easier and faster for embroiderers to incorporate lavish trims, which is for sure time-consuming if done by hand. Lace is the most commonly used material for shirt embroidery during Victorian time.

But aside from lace, there are also other material being used by Victorian embroiderers in improving the aesthetic look of apparels, home decors, etc. For example in Germany, a variety of seeds and chenille are used by embroiderers in order to produce a unique type of needlework. This seed embroidery becomes so famous in Germany during Queen Victoria’s reign. Aside from seeds, some embroiderers of Victorian era also make use of straw in when it comes to decorating home decors and apparel. The application of straw in custom embroidery portrays how resourceful and creative the Victorian embroiderers are.

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