Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Make Your Time More Productive?

The economic crisis that began in 2008 is not yet over. This year, a lot of Americans are still unemployed and it is probably enough justification that we are still badly suffering an economic dilemma. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of United Stated recently released its April 2011 survey on employment rates in the United States. From their statistics, it revealed that despite the number of long-term unemployed persons (those who have no job for about 27 weeks and beyond) declined to about 43.4 percent, in April; the number of persons who have no work for the past 5 weeks of April also gets higher, estimating to 242,000.

If people only know how to spend their wisely, I don’t think there will be jobless individuals. There are so many activities they can engage in so as to make their lives more productive at the same time enjoyable. One of them is finding a good hobby.

Learning a new craft or restarting an old one is one of the best options for unemployed person to turn those miserable empty hours into valuable one. They can try digitizing embroidery designs, blogging, painting, or cooking as long as they have the skills. If none, all they need is to think about what interests them most and find some technical or vocational schools that will help enhance their talents or ability.

Another option is getting involved in charity events. There are so many charities out there looking for volunteer workers. And volunteering to them is also one way of spending your time wisely. Isn’t it fulfilling if you know you are the reason for the big smiles of other people?

The abovementioned options are, I must say, beneficial to individuals who are planning to spend their time wisely because these will surely open up new work opportunities for them.

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