Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finnish Clothing Retailers Support Clean Clothes Coalition Campaign on Sandblasting

In my previous post regarding sandblasted jeans, I mentioned there some of the clothing companies that provide support on abolishing sandblasting techniques. The last apparel manufacturer to announce their support on the said campaign of Clean Clothes Coalition was Versace.

Five months after the famous Italian clothing brand Versace supported the movement of CCC that aims to improve the work conditions in textile industry by ensuring the health safety of every worker, clothing retailers and sellers in Finland likewise stop importing jeans that underwent sandblasting process. According to the recent survey released by Finnwatch, 22 out of 24 apparel shops respondents of survey claimed that they are no longer buying sandblasted jeans.

Rising concerns over sandblasted jeans came out when a group of researchers found the hazards brought by sandblasting to the health of workers in textile industry. Studies revealed that the process could cause severe damage to the lungs and lead to silicosis.

By the way, below are some of the denim jeans for ladies that do not undergo sandblasting method and are surely safe to wear.

Source: Finnish clothing retailers say 'No' to sandblasted jeans | Amazon