Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Fall/Winter Fashion: What's Trendy for this Season?

The biannual fashion show in Manhattan New York has just ended and now fashionistas like me already have an idea what are the trendy styles for 2012 Spring/Summer. But before we get so excited on the new trends for the next seasons, let’s take a look first the best styles of dress to wear for this year’s fall/winter season. In less than a week, we will welcome fall season and it is good if we already updated our wardrobe as early as now.

Want some ideas on what colors of dress to include in your closet for this season? Check this out.

If there’s a type of color that designers never get tired of using, they are the ones that come in neutral hues. Black is said to be the best neutral color for all seasons and no one can look bad by wearing black. It is also a perfect pick if you want to appear slim, elegant, and chic. But for people who are not used to wearing apparel in pure black, other neutral hues like silver, brown, grey, and white are often used to create contrast. These neutral colors also blend well with other hues.

neutral hues unify diverse color palettes and often can stand alone as the only or primary focus of a design
Excluding the neutral colors, the most ideal shades for 2011 fall/winter season are hues that are more subdued. You have plenty of subsued shades to pick provided that they are not as bright or flashy as the colors for spring/summer. Here are some samples of hues ideal for 2011 fall/winter season.

these shades create a bit of drama and luxurious appearance 
these hues radiate the warmth of a glowing fire and add a bold punctuation point
here's another ideal colors that bring a warm, exotic flavor to fall season 
midnight blue is another great color that is always safe to use no matter where you go
this strong, blue-toned green or popularly known as deep teal is also trendy for 2011 fall/winter season
But if you think soft hues are dull, here’s what you can do to add a fashion statement. Add bright accessories! There are so plenty of accessories to use like scarves, bags or hats. Finding for a nice-looking pair of boots can also add glamour to your overall appearance.

Cannot stay away from shiny colors like orange, magenta, yellow, and the likes? Then go for it if you  think they are the shades that make you feel good! But remember some of the rules when wearing sparkling clothing to ensure you will not be out of style.

By the way, here's another collections of apparel that are a fashion hit for 2011 Fall/Winter season.

polka dots
nouveau swirls

leopard printed
maxi or floor-gazing skirts
fur coat

*note: images are taken using google image search engine

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