Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digitizing: The Ideal Embroidery Technique for Logo Apparel

Creating the most pristine embroidery design has been a very noble art in the past. Why is it called a noble art? Probably because the embroiderer needs to be patient enough since finishing a single and simple embroidery design before is a very time consuming. Aside from that, it is also painstaking. That’s why embroiderers before are very meticulous in stitching out the designs because a single mistake can ruin their entire work and left them to no choice but to start all over.

For hundreds of years, people especially the women have been engaged into this kind of hobby or activity. They do it with their bare hands using needle and thread. The crafts they produced just often serve for decorative purposes. Until trading of goods become popular and people learned to barter their embroidered items to other people in exchange of other things that are essential in their everyday life. Since embroidered products are now used for trading, people used to discover equipments that will help speed up the creation process of embroidery designs.  Fortunately, embroidery machines were discovered in 19th century and this simplifies the task of embroiderers. With the help of the said machine, the embroiderers are able to produce more design as than the previous technique. However, during this period, most of the embroidery designs found in business shirts or jackets, gifts, team apparel, and even on household linens, draperies, and decorator fabrics come in simple logos and monograms.

 Embroidery of intricate logo designs in variety of colors and stitch types become only possible when computers were invented. When computers are already part of the everyday tools of mankind, wise men are able to discover software programs that will facilitate embroiderers to stitch out designs that the machine embroidery itself is hard to perform. Contemporary embroidery makes use of digitized patterns that will guide the computerized embroidery machine in sewing the design.

It is said that the availability of computerized embroidery machine brings lots of benefits not just to the embroiderers of logo apparel but also to those who want to personalize their shirts. First and foremost, it is now much easier and faster for the embroiderer to set up exactly the same logo apparel design as what the customers used to request. While on the part of customers, they don’t need wait for long before they can get their custom embroidered shirts. Moreover, the labor cost of personalized logo apparel that undergone computerized embroidery digitizing is much cheaper than conventional machine embroidery. 

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