Thursday, January 27, 2011

Business Idea: Custom Embroidery and Logo Digitizing Service

People especially women the early centuries are very hooked into embroidery. This has been one of their favorite past time. With the help of a needle and thread, they are able to create designs that will add flair to a simple apparel or garment.  As years go by, more and more women used to spend their free time on custom embroidering and learned to enjoy doing the craft especially when innovative tools for embroidery industry are discovered. These ground-breaking embroidery tools also simplifying the process of embroidering designs, even the complex ones.

Today, a lot of people are requesting for embroidery and digitizing service for personalization or customization purposes. And if you are thinking of a good business to venture, custom embroidery and logo digitizing service is good idea. In order for you to provide quality embroidery and digitizing service, you will definitely need some equipment. These include a computer, digitizing software to be used in digitizing designs, and an embroidery machines. The computer will enable you to create or upload logos that will serve as embroidery design. If the logos are a bit complex, having a properly installed digitizing program lets produced a digitized file that will guide the embroidery machine in sewing the pattern. All these equipments for embroidery are now widely available in the market and priced according to their style and model. For the embroidery machines, you can also find multihead units. Though this type of embroidery machine is more expensive than single unit, it is still much better to use when embroidering bulk items in rush because the operator can embroider six items or more at the same time.

In case you are not well-adept in the field of embroidery, you can also hire people who will help you in the production process. And when it comes to hiring embroiderers and digitizers, look for those who are expertise in design, well-trained in using digitizing software and embroidery machine, and knowledgeable in selecting fabrics. Hiring people that possess these qualities will somehow reduce your expenses for the manpower.

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  1. I am amazed at all the patterns available for embroidery machines! They are beautiful. I wish I had time to play. LOL