Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Fashion

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon. Valentine’s Day is a special day especially among lovers and couples. For some, this day is not complete without having a date or party. Parties are part of this event. Probably, you have already decided on the particular dress that you will wear for this special occasion? If not yet, then there is no problem because here are few tips for you. Anyway, you still have two (2) weeks to decide for your outfit. However, before we start to enumerate, you should know first what kind of social gathering you are going to attend. In this case, you can properly plan your best attire and dress accordingly.

If you will have a date in daytime, it would be exciting if you shift the mode from demure to flirty outfit. You can wear camisole and a shrug over it. Wearing jeans is also sexy. The bag that you will use also adds glamour to your outfit so it must be charming - not the one that you usually bring for other hang-outs. For the footwear, flats are the most ideal than heels. Feminine type of dress is very attractive to wear for daytime date.

Having an evening date is a different perspective. You have to dress according to the night’s event. You should know whether if it is a formal dinner party or less formal? Your dress and bag should match elegantly. Be more stylish. This time, heels are the most desirable for footwear. Prefer those shoes with glittery and glamorous details.

At the end of the day, it is not only the outfit that we have to consider. As long as you are comfortable with your dress, you feel sexy, and most importantly you are confident, then probably you have a perfect outfit. There is no question for that. Hope this post had gave you some ideas on what to wear this heart’s day…


  1. Some great ideas! Love those sparkly shoes.

  2. thanks for dropping by and for commenting Simply Bubblelicious