Friday, March 25, 2011

Uniforms of US Naval Officer in Three Different Styles

In our family, most of the males serve in the military. My younger brother and my brother-in-law are both members of the navy team while my older brother serves in the marine corps. Aside from them, I also have two cousins who serve in the air force while the other one is a policeman. Besides serving the country, job security is one of the reasons why they opt to join in the said industry. At some point in my life, I was also recruited to be a part of the navy team. I was the only female in our family who has the courage to join the trainings of navy officer that time. But while in the midway of processing my application, something went wrong. And so my dream of becoming a military naval officer ended there. This also hindered me from having the chance to wear that custom embroidered uniform of navy officers.

In the military, it is so easy to determine whether the person is a high rank official or not. And that is based on the type of uniform that the person wears. A high rank military official’s uniform is usually incorporated with small yet very important details on the shoulders and on the upper left portion of the breast. These accessories found on the uniform such as insignia, custom embroidered patches of a particular military seal, badges, and the likes will indicate the wearer’s credibility and ranking. I included below the three different styles of uniforms worn by a high rank military naval officer, according to function.

 Service Uniform - worn for official function like traveling in official capacity or reporting to a command.

Full Dress Whites - worn during special ceremonies like change of command, retirement, commissioning, decommissioning, funeral, wedding, etc.

Dinner or Formal Dress Uniform - worn during official formal evening function when civilians typically wear evening clothes.


  1. That's not a full dress white uniform. That's a service uniform. Full dress includes large medals and usually gloves.